Bats part 2

The following day we had a great afternoon. After working through the morning we took the afternoon off and headed to town via the back roads. Beautiful winding roads right off of forests, farmland and little rivers and creeks.

Road to Town

The road to Richland Center

After getting home we headed out for a cocktail cruise and landed on one of the sand dune islands. Keeper was having the time of his life….chasing the geese across the island through the shallow water.

Sandbar 1

Relaxing on the Sand Bar. Keeper had a great time chasing the geese.

Upon returning to the house we set up for a date night dinner. As the steaks were being pulled from the grill and we were sitting down to a fantastic glass of wine, what should happen?

Bats. Not one. But two. Scratch the romantic dinner as Melissa went running into the other room slamming the door behind her. The only thing missing was the Polly Purebred scream…. And I’m not so sure I just missed it in the commotion.

Somehow managing to get the two new arrivals back down into the basement I followed them down to expel them into the evening heat. As I arrived downstairs…. Holy smokes!!!

There were at least 6 more bats flying around downstairs! This was quickly becoming a crisis!

Keeper running on the sandbar

Keeper on the sandbar

After climbing up on the roof to find out how they were getting in, it was off to the shed for some mesh screen and tin cutters. And I was looking good! I had on an old pair of jeans, an old corduroy jacket (which felt downright snuggly with the 85% humidity and the 82 degree evening). I topped this look off with a headlight style flashlight and about a gallon of bug spray.  Just getting sexy for date night!

After the roof I was headed to the basement. Over the next hour I managed to expel at least 6 bats through our basement doors, took two unfortunate ones out via the broom (sorry little dudes, I know you’re on our side!) and finally managed to get Melissa out of the bedroom.  The only concern now was that I thought I still heard scratching in the HVAC system. Let’s hope I was hearing things because I was headed out of town the next day!

Now where were we? Oh yeah! Date night.  Nothing like NY strip steak late and cold. Sweet.

Convinced that there were no more bats on the main level we finally called it a night.

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