Meteor Shower

Wednesday night was nice and relaxing. The heat had been so heavy outside all day that we had conceded and closed up all the windows and put the AC on. At dusk, as we were sitting down to dinner I checked the basement for bats. Great news! Nothing was moving.

We capped the evening off by going outside on the deck and looking at the stars. Now I should take a minute here to say that I have never in my life seen a shooting star or a meteorite. Living in Chicago you just don’t get that opportunity. The only times I saw stars were if I was on vacation or had a wipe out on my motorcycle.

But this time I was in luck!

The deck off the house - Facing the River

We had been looking for the Perseid meteor shower that night which we had read about in the paper. The sky was an amazing display of bright shining stars. Stunning to behold. As an added bonus, the night sky was partially reflected by the water of the river.

The clarity of the view reminded both Melissa and I of a vacation we had taken years ago to Tulum, Mexico. Even the sky in the Florida Keys wasn’t as clear as this. But as we battled the mosquitoes on the deck we still couldn’t identify anything that was moving  – let alone a meteor shower.

And then it happened. Shoooowwwww. A star (well a meteor I presume) went shooting down. Wow! And then a few minutes later another one! Crazy beautiful! After another few minutes the mosquitoes had finally won and we retired inside. But boy what a thing to behold!

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