It was getting late. I wanted to be home by 4:30 and it was already after 5. And I still had at least 50 miles to go on backcountry roads. We better get moving. After talking Keeper into the car with promises of a makeshift dinner (Milkbones! Oh Boy!) we headed east.

The plan was to head to the next largest country road and head east until we got to our town. The road went straight there. It was a back road so it would be pretty and it would make for an unbelievable drive after our excursion on the DNR land.

East we went, through Woodman toward Boscobel. Once I hit Boscobel, getting home would be easy. About 20 minutes into our drive I came across a very unwelcome sign: “Road Closed Ahead.” Dang. It’s going to take me a while to get home.

Dang. No going this way!

Upon driving past the sign to determine if the road was really closed, I found that the bridge was indeed out. Big piles of dirt and sand on each side of the small stream it covered confirmed that. And then I had a thought: If Keeper could swim across I might be able to do a Duke’s of Hazard jump with Brutus (the Jeep) and land on the opposite bank. Hmmm.

It didn’t take me long to contemplate it. If I tried something like that bad things would happen. It always had in the past. So, thinking better of it we looked for an alternate route: One 5 mile back country gravel road coming up!

5 miles on gravel. The best way to make up time!

After doing a little drift driving coming down the hill (mountain?) and nearly going into a small lake, Keeper and I finally found ourselves back on asphalt and headed home for a much needed dinner and some gloating about the land we had found!

A fun day indeed.

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1 Response to Detour

  1. Rubi Feliciano says:

    Hi Jason,

    Nice photo’s 🙂 how’s Melissa? I’m glad you guys are doing great!

    I did had my baby boy 6mos ago…we are still in Vegas!

    I got to see Lloyd in DC last July (during my hubbys training there)…


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