Garden of Eden

It could almost be a commercial!

Keeper and I finally got out on our exploration drive. I figured a couple of hours would give us time to explore nearby towns, take a bunch of pictures and maybe even find a place to hike. For a detailed look at where we went click HERE.

We started off heading west from the house in Muscoda sticking to the north side of the river. After reaching Bridgeport, which was as far west as we were going to go for the day, we headed back on County Road C. This idyllic little 2-lane road (in some places only wide enough for one car) hugs the south side of the Wisconsin River for much of its length. With a tree canopy and bursts of sunlight slipping through here and there it makes for an amazing drive. As we began making our way east on this road Keeper was starting to get peeved at me.

You see, apparently dogs have needs too. I’ve learned this over the past few years. And the evil eye that I was getting from the back seat said something like this: “When are we going to do something fun? This driving around is boring!”

A small boat landing in Wauzeka

By this point we had been on the road for a few hours. We had stopped numerous times and each time we did, we would stretch our legs as much as possible. Stopping at boat landings and picnic areas along the road gave me the opportunity to take some pictures and Keeper a chance for a small walk. But you quickly learn that a quick walk around a small park is not enough for a dog like Keeper. After our last brief stop it took a concerted effort to get him to get back in the car.

Just outside of Millville on top of the bluff.

Anyway – back to the drive.  For the first part of the drive coming back we hugged the river – it was always within view to our left and you could tell just how swollen it was. Parts of what is normally woodland were under water. After about 5 or 6 miles the road began to climb. By the time we reached the town of Millville (population 96) we seemed to be close to the top of the bluff. Another 5 miles on and we crested the top.

We had an unbelievably gorgeous view of the valley and all of the farmland below. It was stunning. So many different colors of green lay before us that I had to pull over to take a picture….but where? And then I saw it: The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had an access road to an area called Russell Hill. Keeper and I steered the car into the State Riverway land.

Entrance to Heaven

Nothing but field after open field lay before us on the top of this hill. Below was the Wisconsin River Valley and all of the beauty of hundreds of farms in the middle of a summer day. This is what the boy needed!

Out we jumped, following the first trail we found. Through one long field of plants and flowers that were about 1 ½ feet tall, into another where the wheat (or whatever it was – I haven’t learned to identify anything yet) were up to 6 foot tall or more. We meandered down this trail for a good

Looking north into the valley.

distance, the dog just kicking around in the tall grass looking to scare up a rabbit or something else interesting. For every step I took, Keeper probably ran a good 30 feet into the fields burning off some of that energy and making him very happy.

For me, the thrill was in finding this ‘hidden’ spot. Yea! I get to be the one to tell of something I found. I get to take Melissa here some afternoon to hike the trails! And take in the unbelievable views and smells.

The trail. The grass was more than 6 feet high in some places!

The 1st field we hiked through.

It could almost be a commercial!

Driving Map of our Adventure

1. Start at home on the north side of the river.

2. Did a little sight seeing as we headed west on highway 60.

3. Crossed the river into Boscobel for lunch

4. Stopped and stretched our legs in Wauzeka and Keeper ran by the river.

5. Our furthest point west: Bridgeport. Crossed over to the south side of the river.

6. Headed up County road C. Beautiful!

7. Stopped on the DNR land. Wow!

8. Road Block! Dang!

9. Headed home!

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