1st Haircut

There’s something about getting a haircut that can give you a new lease on life. I don’t suppose everyone feels this way but I do. Give me a haircut and I feel ready to take on the world.

Before I left Chicago I was scheduled to get my haircut by my good friend Richard. But at the last minute he came down with a cold so it didn’t happen. To say I was bummed out would be an understatement. But his health was more important than any silly haircut – especially a haircut for me (I’m not exactly fashion conscious). Richard has been cutting my hair for almost 15 years – He’s one of the best stylists in Chicago and I just happen to be friends with him. WooHoo!

So when I got to the house on Tuesday I was feeling a little rough around the edges.

About a week ago Melissa and I were in town (Richland Center) and came across a crunchy/granola kind of co-op. The store was pretty cool and will be our stop for herbs, spices, etc. when we’re cooking up a storm. Right next door is Jim’s Barber Shop.

As I took care of the errands on Thursday I figured, why not go see what Jim is all about? And so I did.

When I walked in the shop I noticed that Jim is an avid reader of the newspaper. A quality that I appreciate. I was able to catch up on the news, the Badgers football program and the sorry state of the Blago trial while I waited for him to finish a distinguished octogenarian.

The shop is a small place – about 10 feet wide by 25 or 30 feet deep with 2 chairs. On the wall hang a few leather sharpening straps (he does beards as well) and about 100 business cards from customers. Anything from the accountant down the block to a guy who does blacksmithing.

Once aboard we had a pleasant conversation about the Bears, Packers, Vikings and the respective baseball teams of the National League while he took care of the business at hand.

In the end I got some valuable history about the area during my cut and was pleased with the outcome.

I’ll be going to see Jim again.

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