Morning Ritual

Everyday – or at least almost every day – Melissa and I take Keeper for a morning hike. I should say that Melissa does it every day. I don’t always get my achy bones out of bed that early.

View from the trail

A couple of weeks after we moved Melissa in she was told by one of our neighbors about a nature trail that is tucked away behind the high school. After doing a little looking she came upon a trail that is way back on DNR protected land. It’s about a 2½ mile hike through some really beautiful grasslands that run along one of the backwaters of the river.

The greatest part of it is that Keeper can run the way he loves to run – completely free through as much of the terrain as he wants. There are different sections – some with Oak trees (lots of them), some with wildflowers and grass (these are his favorites – Bunnies!), and some with older trees that provide a little canopy for the cool breeze coming off the river (these are our favorites!).

Hiking the trail.

One of the entertaining parts of the hike is that if it’s a hot day the boy will find a way to cool off. Yesterday we extended the hike by about a mile and it was a little warmer than usual. By the time we got close to anything that resembled water he was right in there getting wet. As he emerged he was a hilarious sight. Covered in black mud. Just his belly and his snout.

Along the way we spotted 2 baby snapping turtles and of course a bunny on the way back. The view is spectacular – at a few points you can see the River Valley and all of the hills beyond. This will be an even more ridicules spot to hike when the trees start changing colors in the fall.

Keeper after 'cooling off'

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1 Response to Morning Ritual

  1. Marija Kulas says:

    Hey there, Stranger!!!

    WOW! You are going through some changes! You left Chicago!!! Sounds like you are enjoying this new place along with your dog and Melissa! Is Melissa that gal that I had met while visiting Chicago with Derek, a while back?? I’m not sure!

    Thanks for keeping me posted on your adventures! If I kept a blog up of MY adventures, I would LOSE MY JOB!!! HA HA HA!!

    Keep it real!

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