Cow in the Road

Santa Klaus Lane is on the road from Richland Center to the house.

Every Saturday Melissa and I have to take the trash and recyclables to a county pick up site (they don’t have trash pick up where we are in the country). It’s about 15 or 20 minutes away and the drive is really beautiful (I know, hard to believe, right?). And it takes us past Santa Klaus Lane.

The pick up location is the old (and by old I mean really old) county meeting building. It’s a tiny little white house in the middle of nowhere. Think of an old, one room schoolhouse. That’s what it’s like. Only it’s no longer in use and it’s pretty run down.

It’s nestled in between a couple of farms about 10 minutes outside of the next town (Richland Center).

We try to make it fun by enjoying the ride and then going on into town to the farmer’s market and any other errands we have to take care of.

This past weekend we were on our way out there, winding our way through the various corn and soybean fields when we were forced to come to a complete stop. There in the middle of the road was a cow.

That was unexpected!

The black and white kind. I think it might be called a Holstein but I’m not sure and I don’t have Internet access at the moment so I can’t look it up.

After giving it a minute to makes its way across the road we continued on our way. I have to say; turning into the area with the dumpsters in the middle of farm country with a big black fancy car gives one a strange feeling of being out of place.

After the recycles and trash were taken care of we ventured into Richland Center for the farmers market. Thinking that I wanted to get as many pictures for this blog as possible I had chosen to pack the big camera. Not to be outdone by the experience at the dump, I boldly strove from the big black car with camera in hand and to top it all off? My Cubs hat on.

What a sight I must have been. Melissa immediately moved to the other side of the market so as not to be associated with such a knucklehead.

But I did get a few pictures of our market  (missed the cow though) and we ended up having a great afternoon.

We don’t have very many stoplights, but we do have to be careful about the cows! Oh, and the camera no longer goes with me everywhere. I find it makes it easier not to make such a spectacle out of myself.

[I’ve been asked to add some video of this drive….. So it’s coming! The next time we take the recyclables in I’ll take some video.]

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1 Response to Cow in the Road

  1. Larry says:

    Wow, first you, then Lou, next Richard M. — all outie. Hope you’re enjoying the change of scenery. And I hope the bats don’t take a liking to hummingbird juice. But I’m sure you’ll figure that out soon enough….


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