The Moon, Mars and S’Mores!


Well we finally did it. A couple of weeks back it finally cooled off enough at night that we had a bonfire on the river’s edge. We had a LOT of twigs, branches, and scrap wood that needed to be burned so we decided that the time was right for our first real fire.

Hard to believe (and I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this) but growing up I don’t think I ever had a s’more. No lie! We did a good amount of camping growing up, especially when my dad and I were in the Boy Scouts, but for some reason I don’t remember ever actually making s’mores.

We had read back in August that Mars would be visible and almost as bright as the moon in the month of September. So as September rolled around we kept a vigilant eye out for the planet. Finally we saw it.

The Moon and Mars to the right

It was a crystal clear night out and the fire got going quickly. Nothing quite like a nice fire with a plume of smoke going up into a crystal clear black night sky with the stars shining above.

The moon was fantastic and Melissa was able to get some pretty remarkable pictures using her nice camera over the course of a couple of days. The bright orb that’s moving out of the frame to the right is Mars.

So, Melissa made us some snacks, I tended the fire and the dog patrolled the grounds. After hanging out for a while and being thankful for our good fortune we called it a night.

Nothing quite like going to sleep with that campfire smell still in your clothes.

Lots more photos HERE.


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