River Update

The river is extremely high!

Here’s a short update about life on the river.

The Eagles we have living across the river seem to have hatched their eggs. We can’t see into the nest but on more than one occasion it seems as if Phil & Nancy (names courtesy of Melissa) are feeding young ones. We are very excited and hopeful to see them soon.

For the last week or so the river has been pretty high. Over the last couple of days however, it has really come up. Right now our fire pit is under about a foot and a half of water. (more on this in a minute). For some perspective that means that the river has come over both banks, and then up a few additional feet. When compared to the historic flooding of last fall it come is at just a few feet lower. We’re hoping that it will crest and receed soon.

After Christmas we put our tree out on the deck for the birds to use as cover. Now that the weather has started to get warmer (and every single needle of the tree has fallen on the deck) we decided to put the tree down in the fire pit for our first bonfire. Well, our little Christmas tree is on to another adventure. As the river came up it took our little tree and swept it downstream. Godspeed little tree!

Just yesterday when on a walk with the pup we saw the first tree buds of the spring. A great sign to be sure!

That’s about it for now!

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