Hi, my name is Jason Thompson and I’m happy you’re here. If you know me then this blog will come as something of a surprise because it is very NOT like me. You see this blog is going to trace my adjustment to country living – all of the crazy (and likely embarrassing) ordeals and situations I (and my girlfriend) find ourselves in as we move into and live in a house on the Wisconsin river in the middle of the country.

The Wisconsin River

Before going any further I should absolve Melissa of any responsibility. You see she grew up in a small town in western Wisconsin and for the past year has been living a very quiet life in the country. That means that she knows how. And she has done her best to show me the way over the past few years when I’ve had the good fortune to join her at the Cabin. Likewise for her parents. If it weren’t for them and all the help they have given me I’d definitely have no shot at succeeding at this venture.

I on the other hand, have never lived in the country and until recently considered myself a city boy through and through. And I do mean through and through. For the last 15 years I’ve lived in some pretty sketchy spots in the city, bartended in some pretty crazy places and enjoyed what the city had to offer. I used to wear my ability to adjust to the gangs, shootings, etc. as a badge of honor. Sounds crazy right? I can’t explain it. The people reading this that have lived in ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods in the city understand. It sounds crazy because it IS crazy.

I haven’t had to shovel snow, rake leaves or mow a lawn since I was a teenager. I haven’t needed to chop firewood, let alone use a fireplace, and countless other things that will now need to get done.

Little Yellow Florida House

Our Florida House

About two years ago (2008) Melissa and I began a journey that gradually showed me that there were alternatives to living in the big city. For a winter we moved down to an island in the Florida Keys. I began to see what small town living was like. Or at least smaller than Chicago.

Fast forward to June of 2010. After finding a house in the country in rural Wisconsin we slowly began the arduous task of moving in. Two houses some 300 miles apart moving to one that was 200 miles from Chicago. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. This weekend (August 15th) marks the last trip to Chicago and back and I could not possibly be any happier to have the last 2 months behind me.

Muscoda House

The Front of the House. The river is in back.

The house is a beauty and the area is amazing. For photos and information on both, please see, “The House” page.

So that’s where we’re at. This blog will trace the development and the gradual ‘slowing down’ of life as I go through it. I hope that you laugh with me more than you laugh at me. Hopefully we’ll have a great time exploring the river and the surrounding areas together.


There are pictures in almost all of the blog entries but if you’re curious and looking for more, click on the Pictures Page. Eventually there will also be an occasional video as well! And I definitely welcome any feedback. Have you lived in the country? Is there something or somewhere Melissa and I should try? Please let us know!


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