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Events are specific destination activities. Could be anything from going canoeing to going to a tractor pull!

Knapp Creek

Unlike most mornings (which start out with a dense fog over the river and the fields) today started out absolutely bright and clear with a decent breeze coming off of the water. With the sunshine coming off the river the … Continue reading

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Hickory Nuts

In the front of the house (river side) we have a great big Hickory tree. This tree has been here forever. A doctor built this house back in the early 1970’s. When he did, he made sure to build it … Continue reading

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Fly Away

One thing you learn pretty quickly here in the country is that September and October mean one thing in small towns: Fall Festival. It appears that this is the time of year when all of the clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl … Continue reading

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Killer Cat

    So the weather has started to change. It actually started to get cooler here at the house a few weeks ago. The days would still get in the high 70’s or even the low 80’s but the nights … Continue reading

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Solstice on Frank’s Hill

Native Americans originally settled the land where our house sits. The HoChunk Indian Nation was the primary tribe. Our neighbor Frank grew up here and farmed the land with his family. Some years ago he sold the farmland behind our … Continue reading

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Meteor Shower

And then it happened. Shoooowwwww. A meteor went shooting down. Wow! And then a few minutes later another one! Continue reading

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Bats part 2

The following day we had a great afternoon. After working through the morning we took the afternoon off and headed to town via the back roads. Beautiful winding roads right off of forests, farmland and little rivers and creeks.

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