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River Update

Here’s a short update about life on the river. The Eagles we have living across the river seem to have hatched their eggs. We can’t see into the nest but on more than one occasion it seems as if Phil … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Gardening with Frank!

by Melissa Pahl I, for one, am very excited about today. First – some background. Last weekend I volunteered to help do a controlled burn at Frank’s Hill. First of all , I’ve never been allowed, much less encouraged to … Continue reading

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Controlled Burn

So today is Monday, April 4, 2011. Over the weekend Melissa had the opportunity to do something pretty cool and even though I wasn’t with her I thought I’d write about it anyway. Plus she shot some video on her … Continue reading

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Tower Hill

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted an update. Today is the perfect day to do a little writing that isn’t work related. It’s raining a freezing rain outside right now – forming icicles on the bird feeder … Continue reading

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Knapp Creek

Unlike most mornings (which start out with a dense fog over the river and the fields) today started out absolutely bright and clear with a decent breeze coming off of the water. With the sunshine coming off the river the … Continue reading

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Hickory Nuts

In the front of the house (river side) we have a great big Hickory tree. This tree has been here forever. A doctor built this house back in the early 1970’s. When he did, he made sure to build it … Continue reading

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The Moon, Mars and S’Mores!

Well we finally did it. A couple of weeks back it finally cooled off enough at night that we had a bonfire on the river’s edge. We had a LOT of twigs, branches, and scrap wood that needed to be … Continue reading

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