The House

A view of the house from the river.

Located outside Muscoda, Wisconsin, the little green house is a vintage ranch style house from the 1970’s. Wood pannelling abounds in this 3 bedroom 1 /12 bath house that is situated beautifully facing the Wisconsin River.

Recently updated, the house boasts a stunning deck that’s 8 feet wide and runs the length of the river side of the house. 4 sets of glass sliding doors provide a beautiful view of the river for two bedrooms and the living room. A bump out of the deck in front of the living room allows for a full size patio set, bird feeders and an area to soak up the atmosphere.

It’s from the deck that we gaze at the stars, wave to people canoeing down the river and spend most of our time.

Front of House

Road side of House - Nice and cleaned up!


1 Response to The House

  1. BIG DADDY says:

    Its beautiful dude nice crib,cool Fernandez shirt i see that u been hanging out with mexicans ,burn the shirt man ,,, you are now a country man jejejejejeje ! lol

    ……… miss you in the hood from your boyz Efrain & Pete

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